Here's what guests have said about us through Banjara's Visitor's Book recorded since 1994.

  •  Yogesh Kumar Wadhwa, Sangla, 2012
    • Thank you for your email. As usual, we had a great time in Sangla. I am always amazed at the way staff works over there and that every need is attended to with same politeness. We are still traveling and Sangla was part of this trip and I've maintained this since last year that Sangla has been and remains my favorite destination on this trip. I am looking forward to visiting Sangla next year again. I'd also like to thank the staff and management of Banjara Camps for making Sangla a wonderful experience.

      Yogesh Kumar Wadhwa
  •  Sudhir Uppal, Sojha, 2012
    • Although it was a short trip, we all enjoyed every moment of it and had a great time. Scarcity of mobile signal and non-existence of TV was an additional bonus for us. We liked the home-like food and liked the idea of no room service, as all the guests get a chance to chat and interact with each other during meals and tea time. Mr Rishi is very co-operative and was always available whenever we needed him or whenever we had a query.

      We are looking forward to spending our next holidays with Banjara.

      Thanks and Best Regards
      Sudhir Uppal
  •  Dr Rajesh Gulia, Sangla, 2012
    • Thank you so much. it was a wonderful experience, I would love to go again. In fact there is a scheme of HP govt that a team of surgeons take up surgical camps twice in a year. They give a district hospital & their OT as the base. The sangla falls in I guess in Rampur district which will be very far from sangla. Any way that apart I being in medical profession and a surgeon can offer my services as a volunteer. Looking forward for a long term relationship.

      With Warm Regards,
      Dr Rajesh Gulia
  •  Mrinmoyee, Thanedar, 2012
    • We loved every bit of the holiday at Thanedhar. The hotel was beautifully located and all the staff was very friendly and helpful. For quiet weekend for an entire family this was a great choice. Thank you for what you do and the kind of hospitality you provide!

      I can't think of anything that required improvement really.... :-)

  •  Kapil, Sangla, 2012
    • Excellent trip for us this summer. Highlights were the never ending treks, camping in the forest under the starts. The sky so near, you can actually capture the color of mars on the camera.

      I liked how Rishi, took personal interest in ensuring we are well looked after. Special thanks to him.

      We are looking forward to another trip with Banjara.


      Warm regards
  •  Neeta, Kaza, 2012
    • Finally back in civilisation. It was a great holiday. Great adventure on the fantastic rocky road and to top it all landslide & mudslide on the way. But whatever it was, we just loved our holiday.

      The hotel was nice and clean. Food was good. Tony was great and I think that he is doing a good job. Very interactive and attending to the guests need.

      Lastly thank you very much for all your help and flexibility with my reservation. I would definitely stay at your thanedar & shoja properties at some point which is next on my list and will be in touch with you.

      If you are ever in Gurgaon, let me know and drop in for a coffee.

      Best regards,

  •, Hotel Relationships team, 2012
    • Dear Hotelier,

      A guest just wrote a review about your hotel on rating it 6.75 out of 7.

      Here is what the guest said :

      "Excellent location and property with the warmest hospitality possible!..Had a lovely time out there...." read more »

      Room : 7/7
      Service : 7/7
      Food : 6/7
      Reception : 7/7
      Appearance : 7/7
      Destination : 7/7
      Location : 7/7
      Activities : 6/7


      HolidayIQ Hotel Relationships team
  •  Jignesh Chheda, Banjara Retreats, 2012
    • It was an awesome experience and one of our life's best tour itinerary till date. We all had a lovely, leisurely, adventurous time during our tour.

      Jignesh Chheda
  •  Madhavi, Banjara Retreats, 2012
    • We are back from our trip. This is just to let you know that we had a fabulous time at both Thanedhar and Sangla and also Chail. The Banjara outfit is very good indeed and the people were just wonderful - Capt Sud and family, Prakash Thakur, Bittu Sharma, Sonu, Om Prakash, Tony, Stephanie and all the staff.

      The arrangements were all fine and you gave us a very good and safe driver in Balbir Singh. Thank you for all your help and for organising it all. We will definitely visit with you again.

      Warm regards,

  •  Kishore Chitalia, Banjara Retreats, 2012
    • We had excellent time at all your properties at Sojha, Sagla & Thanedar. Your property locations were great & unique. We had rooms with a great view. We enjoyed your hospitality with touch of warmth. The food was simple & tasty. We salute the vision of Captain Sud with whom we had an opportunity to spend time at Sojha. We look forward to having many more holidays with Banjara in future.

      Kindly request Mr. Srinivas to send us fixed departure itinerary for Leh, Ladakh.

      Thanks for everything


      Kishore Chitalia
  •  Raj, Kailash Mansarovar trip, 2012
    • No complaints at all... all of you nice people around made me not to notice anything that wasn’t perfect. Especially Kavita, so patient and sweet! Facilities may improve in future, but nothing could have improved our perfect trip. If you are looking for complaints, Kavita, you are asking the wrong guys.
  •  Nandini, Kailash Mansarovar trip, 2012
    • Well kavita that's an easy one, feedback will be that it was an outstanding experience, but I'm guessing you know that and that is not what you're looking for. So I will break it up so it is relevant to you.

      Pre-travel: Three things which were important for all of us, one knowing what the trip entailed and your PDF was very helpful. Two your promptness in responding to our mails and your patience when we asked you dumb questions. Three the way you insisted that each one of us introduce ourselves to the group. That was a critical piece because it kinda helped put a face to everyone.

      During travel: You were not just a fellow traveller but became a friend. Since Manoj had matters in hand pretty much, we expected your interface with him one odd time which you did efficiently. I think Banjara tying up with Manoj was the best thing as the way men and material were moved to deliver an outstanding customer experience is worthy of becoming a Harvard case study. Long live the sherpas, I will always owe them.

      Post travel: Strange mixed feeling of fulfilment and void. We are glad we caught up in pokhra, only complaint I have is you didn't get Joydeep to do breakdance, so we still had to pay for pokhra from our pockets !! You need to polish your persuasive skills babe :)

      All in all, it was a mind blowing, once in several lifetimes trip and the two architects of this experience have been you and Manoj. Thank you both.
  •  Karpe Family, Himachal, 2009
    • A BIG THANK YOU - for everything...From guiding us to a workable itinerary, to the efficient way it was handled, to the beauty of the resorts and the places we visited!!!We are completely sold on Banjara. Sojha - our first halt was my personal favourite. We landed there when it was pitch dark, drizzling and after a 9 hour drive from Chandigarh. The staff waiting to receive us was amazing. We had hot tea served to us as we were escorted by Ashwini to our cottage…
      Next morning - that breathtaking view from the verandah of the room was probably the most exhilarating...We enjoyed the bonfire evenings, sipping hot soup as we sat around....We loved the Tea sessions in the "parachute area"....It was perfect…So was Thanedar - with Prakash playing the perfect host. It was different in every way from Sojha, and hence unique as an experience…We hope to do Ladakh or Bhutan with you next year
  •  Arup Das, Sr. Correspondent, Auto Bild India, India Today Group, Himachal, 2009
    • Camping at Banjara's mountain destinations can get your sore soul back to life.
  •  Tushar Agarwal, Himachal, 2009
    • We really enjoyed our stay at Sojha. We are avid travellers and have visited many destinations in India/abroad and would rank our stay at Sojha one of our best ever and the walk to the waterfall one of the most memorable experiences of my life. And special mention of your team at Sojha - very very hospitable.
  •  Ravi, Sangla, 2008
    • This was one of the best holidays I have had in my life of over half century!!! Rajesh Ojha was a very welcoming person and all the three destinations excellent in choice of location and ownership hospitality – Thakur, RO and the Shogi owner.

      In me you have a long term patron.

  •  Vinay Pathak, Sangla and Thanedar, 2008
    • The most humbling and heartfelt experience for all of us. My 2 little daughters (4 & 2) discovered an affinity with nature which they have been deprived of in city living. I thank Banjara and all the people involved from the bottom of my heart.

      Vinay Pathak
  •  Roopa & Farooque Shaikh, Banjara Retreats, 2008
    • If you have been here, you will come back. If you haven’t, where the hell have you been.
  •  Alex & family, Kinnaur and Spiti, 2008
    • Just a quick note to say thank you- we had a wonderful time on our trip and visited three of the Banjara Camps - at each place we met very friendly and helpful people.

      We were particularly impressed with Vinod, our driver. He was a very safe and competent driver, and is a real credit to your company.

      Overall, our experience with you guys has been really good and thanks again!

      Alex, Liz and the boys
  •  Anil & Monica Jain, Ladakh, 2008
    • We're just back from our Ladakh trip. Thank you and your team for taking such good care of us and making it a truly memorable vacation.

      Your tips and advice on how to optimize our time in Ladakh were hugely helpful. Having stayed at your Sangla property in the past, we did expect the highest degree of professionalism from Banjara Camps and I'm happy to tell you that you certainly surpassed our expectations.

      What we particularly appreciated is that you picked hotels and camps that know how to treat their guests’ right. From Tashi's thoughtful hot-water bottles at Serchu to Chander's card tricks at Shey, it was refreshing to see such high levels of hospitality.

      We look forward to having Banjara plan out our next "communion with nature" (a trekking holiday, this time).

      Thanks a ton!
      Anil & Monica Jain
  •  Ruchira, Sangla, 2008
    • We had a great time at the camps. It was one of the most beautiful places which we have visited and we also made lots of friends. Let us know of any such retreats which are exotic.

  •  Sinh, Kinnaur & Spiti Valley, 2008
    • I am sorry I could not write you earlier. Believe me, the experience with Banjara was so good that I must have recommended it to at least 10 potential customers about the same and one day or the other they would write to you when they plan their next holidays.

      In short on 1-5 scale, Banjara Hotel deserves highest point of 5 without any doubt. Keep it up Kavita and we shall try to use Banjara in future for our other sojourns.

      Warm regards,
  •  Shibatosh Sarkar, Kinnaur & Kullu Valley, 2008
    • Sorry for not getting in touch with you earlier. Unfortunately I got very busy after getting back from the vacation.

      We had a really excellent vacation, one we will remember for many years to come. Even though we mentioned in the guest books in all three places, can I request you still to pass on our thanks and gratitude to the staff at Banjara Camp Thanedar, Sangla & Shoja. A special 'thank you' to Rajesh for his special attention to all the details in Sangla camp and for organizing the night camping in the Mastrang forest. The night camping was an awesome experience for us.

      I cannot think of any thing that we can complain about!

      Shibatosh Sarkar
  •  Sanjeev, Sangla, 2008
    • I have my feedback in the register at Sangla. We had a great stay and appreciate your efforts and wish success in your endeavors. The staff and management were really good and took good care of us. It goes without saying that I am going to recommend to my colleagues. Please send couple of brochures to me to put on the notice board.

  •  Rajiv, Himachal Pradesh, 2008
    • We had a great time at Shoja! Preetam, Pallavi took very good care of us. I found so many connects with Preetam ... and we made some good friends there around the bon fire!

      Thanks for passing on Sarita's birth date to the folks ... they threw a really nice surprise party!

      I've been meaning to call Mr. Ojha personally and letting him know what a great time we had and what a great team you have ... but it is been back to rat race ever since we landed :)

      Look forward to more vacations with Banjara!

  •  Dr Jayesh, Sangla, 2008
    • It was indeed a very pleasant and very good two days in your camp. Atmosphere, food and hospitality was very good. We felt - we must have stayed more. We must recommend your camp to our friends

      Dr Jayesh
  •  Moumita, Banjara Retreats, 2008
    • We are back from our FANTASTIC trip to Himachal Pradesh and I would like to thank you and the entire Banjara Team for making our holiday so memorable! I am overwhelmed by the efficiency of your staff, especially at Sangla and the hospitality and warmth shown by all your hosts, managers and guides at Sojha, Sangla and Thanedar. Our driver Shanti was also excellent; so affable, polite and such a careful driver, that not once did we feel any discomfort in traveling over the narrow and dangerous mountain roads.

      Please convey our special thanks to Ajay and Rajesh for being the pioneers and discovering a paradise such as Sangla and creating such comfortable tenting accommodation and facilities out there, arranging such wonderful walks and activities for kids. My son became good friends with Rajesh's son, Jay and it was great to see all the kids participate in activities together and play games every evening! Hearing Rajesh's story about how he started off Banjara along with Ajay, me and my husband are almost motivated to chuck off our jobs and take up eco-tourism instead! Maybe we'll do it when we are 50!

      We heard about Banjara's expansion plans to Sikkim and Bhutan as the next step and I hope you let us know whenever you identify resorts and packages there, coz we would certainly love to stay with you again.

      Thanks once again for everything and all the best to you and your team for all your future endeavors!

  •  Mary & Dan Shapero, Thanedar, 2008
    • Just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time at Thanedar this weekend! Prakash was a great host and took us on some lovely walks. Thanks for a great trip!

      Mary & Dan Shapero
  •  Rashmi Rao, Kinnaur & Seraj Valley, 2008
    • We are just back from a wonderful holiday with Banjara at Shoja & Sangla. Thank you very much for organising everything perfectly. Bishen, Rishi, Surya, Deepu at Sangla made us really comfortable. We were very happy to spend time with Preetam Reddy & Rajesh Ojha at Shoja & really enjoyed our treks with them. Chaman was an exceptionally good driver as promised by you, very polite. He was always smiling always & was a good company. We have already made plans to do a trek with you next year & look forward to holidaying with Banjara for many years to come.

      Rashmi Rao
  •  Viswanath Gowtham, Thanedar, 2007
    • For posterity sake, I'd like to put on record that I had a great time at Thanedar.... it was peaceful and serene, the two attributes (peace & serenity) that were sorely missing from my life when I left Delhi. I thank you for your generosity and kindness. The following little sonnet perfectly describes your place! "There is pleasure in the pathless woods,
      There is rapture in the lonely shores of Sutlej,,
      There is society where none intrudes,,
      By the tall mountain, and music in its solitude,,
      I love not man the less, but nature more.",
      Alas, it is not very is by Lord Byron.....I just changed a few words.

      Viswanath Gowtham
  •  Geetika Sinha, Himachal, 2007
    • We had a wonderful time though a very hectic one. Thanedar & Sangla were beautiful. We would love to do it again during the apple season. Chitkul was out of the world and so was the hospitality at both the camps. A special mention for Bishen who ensured that our stay was comfortable and your chef who kept on tempting us with great home-like food and even catered to our special requests (Momo & Thukpa for dinner). Pankaj kept us entertained and got along extremely well with the guests there.
      Look forward to traveling again with you.


  •  Mr. B. Chaudhuri, Ladakh, 2007
    • At the outset, I must tell you that we had a great time out there. It was and it will continue to be one of the most memorable travel experience in my life. In my opinion, Banjara took adequate care which was admirable. The most important thing was Banjara made remarkable arrangements when we were struggling to reach Delhi by the scheduled date. I would personally like to thank Mr. C.P. Dorjay, Mr. Rajesh & you in this regard. If I plan any such trips in future, I can assure you that Banjara will be the preferred choice.


      B. Chaudhuri
  •  Divya Sehgal, Himachal, 2007
    • Our trip with Banjara camps - which involved your properties at Sangla & Thanedar - went very well. Our stay at Sangla was above our expectations. Infrastructure was decent. Staff was very polite & service oriented - we did not hear a 'no' for a response. Location is great. Food is good. Organized activities - treks, river crossing & others - are well managed. Above all, there is a personal touch in everything. We enjoyed a lot, met some terrific people & have brought a part of Sangla back with us - in memories, videos & snaps.

      Take care,

      Divya Sehgal,
  •  Rina Chandran, Ladakh, 2007
    • This was my first group travel organised by a tour operator in India, and I was very impressed with the level of detail and planning. We had no trouble at all and it was a really great experience overall at every point of the trip, with friendly people and great spots and tremendous hospitality. So thank you. I look forward to travelling with Banjara again.

      Thanks so much.


  •  Ella Nanda, Himachal, 2007
    • I am sending this mail just to say that we had a great time at the camps and it was indeed a wonderful and a different experience being at those places. For people like us who hardly get time for holidaying, the camp experience was really a recharge!

      And also thanks to the staff of specially Sangla who were so very polite and ever helpful towards their clients.

      We are looking forward to another trip soon to your other camps as well. Please keep me updated about your packages and any new additions on my mail id.


  •  Ketan Kothari, Himachal, 2007
    • Everything was above expectations! Excellent is not the word.... Thank you a lot.

  •  Sanjiv Shah, Ladakh, 2007
    • We must thank Banjara Camps for arranging an outstanding holiday for us in Ladakh in May 2006. We traveled in our car from Manali to Leh and Banjara Camps recommended outstanding hotels along our route.

      Our car was probably the first to cross the Baralacha La that year. As the valley had not opened for travelers, the hotel arrangements you made were truly commendable. We thoroughly enjoyed the Mayflower Hotel in Manali and Whispering Willows at Shey. They were hotels with wonderful character; perfect for a discerning traveler. Banjara provided us with excellent travel support during the journey as they kept us informed as to whether the passes were motorable and kept track of our progress. This was particularly comforting as we traveled with two young children who were 10 and 12 years old.

      We have no hesitation in recommending Banjara to adventurous travelers.

      Kind regards,

      Sanjiv Shah
  •  Amit Aggarwal, Sojha, 2007
    • "Absolutely delighted by this quaint little place"

      Amit Aggarwal
  •  Sujay Namdeo, Sangla, 2007
    • "Came with moderate expectations and were pleasantly surprised."
  •  Kai and Irmgard Borner, Himachal, 2007
    • Just a short notice to tell you that we arrived back in New York on a rainy and cold day here, quite a difference to India. We had a wonderful time in India and we hope to take another trip some time within the next 2-3 years to explore the middle and the South. We wanted to thank you for your friendly and dedicated services to the last day when you got us the flight changed to British Airways and the driver managed us through the worst traffic in Delhi. Here everybody wants to know what our trip was like and we both said it was strenuous but we would not want to miss a minute of it.

      Thank you again for your services.

      With best regards

      Kai and Irmgard Borner
  •  Jana & Mick Cavangah, Zeneva, Switzerland, Sangla, Oct 2005
    • I had high expectation of Sangla camp and the valley, this has easily surpassed them. The staff were all great which really makes the place.
  •  Suman Kirloskar, Pune, Sangla, Oct 2005
    • A very enjoyable holiday. All the more memorable because of the warm hospitality. Be sure we will return-INSAALLAH.
  •  Menna Dave, Mumbai, Tabo, Oct 2005
    • We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. An enchanting atmosphere with very positive vibrations-lovely view-peaceful atmosphere, very friendly people. Good location and typical Banjara Character/culture conducive to make our stay pleasant.
  •  Sanjay Ganju, Faridabad, Kaza Retreat, Oct 2005
    • For first timers, who dare down from Shoja not knowing what to expect, you put us at ease and made our stay very enjoyable! I sincerely hope that Banjara Retreat continue to be as good in future! Mr. Om Prakash and his team is very friendly and supportive.
  •  Cristina Brecciaroli, Italy, kaza Retreat, Sep 2005
    • Warm and comfortable, helpful staff, and cheerful. Wish I could spend more time here or I will have to come again!!
  •  Ashutosh & Trupti Rawl, Fun Holidays,Ahemdabad, Tabo, Aug 2005
    • Very well maintained retreat. Attention to details. Good bathroom-very important. Wonderful stay, warm and personalized hospitality and lifetime of memories. Om Prakash is doing an excellent job. We definitely recommend it to friends and come back again. Thanks for everything.
  •  Martin & Carol, 'Trips to India', Kullu Valley, Tabo, Aug 2005
    • Comfortable. Relaxing, hospitable-a great place to stay.
  •  Arindam Sengupta, Times Of India, New Delhi, Tabo, July 2005
    • Banjara Tabo is a miracle-warm and friendly people, great food and even helpful attitude. I would recommend this palce to anyone with adventurous spirit. Om Prakash is a able manager.
  •  Norah Espejo, UNICEF, Kabul, Tabo, July 2005
    • The whole trekking program including accommodation , food, guidance was of top quality! I have had a very relaxing and restful holiday-Thanks! Thank you! Dhanyavad! It was wonderful, all of it
  •  Barclay & Pramita Green, Cincinnati,USA, sangla, Jun 2005
    • A dream come true for so many of us in 'the great Himalayan Mountain' Rugmani Prabhakar, Art of Living, Shoja Retreat, July 2005

      Simultaneously a spectacular and soothing experience. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here and hope to return. This place is a treasure tucked away in this beautiful valley. Thank you!!

  •  Mohit Beotra & Vatsala Mamgain, New Delhi, Sangla, Jun 2005
    • Thank you very much for a fantastic holiday-we loved our stay-long lazy days, superb food, volleyball games, early morning walks, the bonfires, the discussions on life , the universe and Delhi guests!!! Thank you.
  •  Rajesh & Bharti Rao, Banglore, Sangla, Jun 2005
    • Very few places have surpassed our expectations, this is definitely one of them. The hands-on management & exceptional service ethic of the staff makes the difference. I would highly recommend Sangla Camp to My friends & family. On second thoughts, I think I will keep it a secret! Good show folks, Rajesh.
  •  Dr. Purvi Mapra, Mumbai, Sangla, Jun 2005
  •  Salim Riaz Khan, Tangerine, New Delhi, kaza Retreat, Jun 2005
    • Not likely to forget. Ever! Thank you!
  •  Chikkaras, Delhi, Shoja Retreat, Jun 2005
    • Banjara Retreat served as a fine getaway from the scorching heat in Delhi. The view was spectacular and good hospitality by the manager added the cherry on top of the cake. The 'Breath'-taking ( some Delhiites live unhealthy) trek, through the Cedars. The spruces and the Pines to the water fall was adventurous as well as rewarding. We thank you for assisting us, at times baby sitting us, and bearing with our late night disturbances. The food was no less than plain blank awesome. YOU ROCK! We look forward to coming back to Shoja. With much love.
  •  Dr. Peter Bruck, Budapest, Hungary, Shoja Retreat, Jun 2005
    • This was the highlight of our visit in Himachal. The management of this camp does his duty with an intelligence which is quite exceptional in this business. For our next trip we will select Banjara again!
  •  NMunira Hussan Rampurawala,
      Frommer's India Guide Book, Shoja Retreat, Jun 2005
    • It was the hospitality of the managers that completely endeared Shoja to me. They were very attentive and caring. Also thanks to Mr. Yashpal who served me food which was unexpected in this area and delicious. Last but not the least is the wonderful location of Shoja itself that makes my holiday perfect.
  •  Claire Goudsmit, Yorkshire, England, sangla, May 2005
    • I didn't expect to find such a place in the middle of the mountains-it's wonderful! After a long journey and a freezing evening, finding a hot water bottle in the bed was incredible! Stunning place and people. Rajesh -you are a star- thank you so much for being so kind to us.
  •  Manish, Piyush, Dr. Joshi and Aiswarya,
      Jaipur, Sangla, May 2005
    • A super-duper holiday destination. Just simply out of the world! W.O..W!! We just loved this place, wonderful staff and food. We would always love to visit this place again. BANJARA should start more camps such as these. We experienced if not GOD himself then his true art!!
  •  Sandeep Murdeswar, Mumbai, Kaza Retreat, May 2005
    • Awesome stay at what seems like top of the world. Very friendly staff, very helpful. Gurpreet was the most accommodating and kind host.
  •  Shalabh & Aparna Gupta, Dehradun, Shoja Retreat, May 2005
    • Lovely cottage with a breathtaking view. Truly enjoyed our honeymoon here. It is a home away from a home. Nice food and comfortable stay. We will cherish the 3 days spent here.
  •  Arjun & Nandini Adya, New Delhi, Shoja Retreat, May 2005
    • The service and hospitality standards at the Banjara Camps/Retreats are of the level that others in the industry should try to emulate. Truly exceptional!
  •  Anand Narayan, Chennai, Sangla, Apr 2005
    • Very Warm and hospitable. Patient and accommodating.. Good mixture of fun, adventure and relaxation. Will recommend for families with small kids.
  •  Traviz Mellon, USA, Shoja Retreat, Apr 2005
    • Can I buy this place, how about time share? Fantastic
  •  Sandeep Mukherjee, New Delhi, Shoja Retreat, Mar 2005
    • A most memorable stay in Shoja. Even better than our experience in Sangla. Banjara group deserves all the praise for it. The cook should be conferred the 'Oscar'.
  •  Manish & Samira, Shresth & Saurya,
      Chandigar, Sangla, Jan 2005
    • Setup in a most beautiful locale( snow capped mountains, orchards, river, green valley) it is a delightful place to be in. Add some warm hospitality and excellent food, the whole experience is an unforgettable one. Had the time of our lives! Another day is what you think of whenever the departure day arrives. But you got to go but most likely to come back some other time, very soon!
  •  Kavita Parikh, Mumbai, Kaza Retreat, Oct 2004
    • We had a great time. The rooms are comfortable and the food good. Rahul and his team were great with their hospitality.
  •  Kavita Parikh, Mumbai, Kaza Retreat, June 2004
    • We had a great time. The rooms are comfortable and the food good. Rahul and his team were great with their hospitality.
  •  Nirmalya and Jui Banerjee, New Delhi, June 2004, Sangla Camp
    • Last year we came here and thought the camp was perfect. This year you have improved on your perfection! The LPG geyser is a great innovation. The ambience, of course, does not need any improvement.
  •  Ashok Chopra, CEO Harper Collins
      New Delhi, June 2004, Sangla Camp
    • A beautiful holiday which only Banjara could have given us in the lap of nature. Good ambience, home cooked food - a wide variety to suit every palette. Excellent and courteous staff.
  •  Mathew Campbell, Sydney, Kaza Retreat, May 2004
    • After such a long journey, I could not have imagined anything more beautiful and peaceful. Thanks to the staff who spoiled us and looked after our every need.
  •  Bill Martin, US Embassy, Kaza Retreat, May 2004
    • Rahul and his team were outstanding in ensuring that we had what we needed to be comfortable. The people of Kaza made it a very delightful stay.
  •  Jane and Jason Desilets, Calgary,
      Canada, May 2004, Sangla Camp
    • Our stay at Banjara Camp was most definitely the high point of our two months stay in India. Ajay - your hospitality and insightful conversation added immensely to the enjoyment of our stay here. And special thanks for sharing your wine with some wary travelers.
  •  Jerry Rao, CEO Emphasis, Mumbai, May 2004, Sangla Camp
    • Outstanding Experience
      Location: Valley of the Gods
      Campfire: Enchantment
      Tents: Snug and Cozy
      Water Heater: Great Innovation
      Food: Simple, sensible. Not too oily, not too spicy.
      Staff: Extra Helpful
      Sound of the river: The most Soothing and delectable of experiences
      Khargala Peak: Promontory of the Gods
  •  Vinay Parikh, Mumbai, May 2004, Sangla Camp
    • An incredible environment made more enchanting by the warm hospitality and professionalism of the Banjara team. Would seriously recommend the Rakcham trek.
  •  Deepak and Roopali Bhosale, Mumbai, May 2004, Sangla Camp
    • Staying at Sangla camp was the "Peak point" of our honeymoon. The staff is extremely helpful. We will carry the memories of our stay here for a very long time.
  •  Jerry and Sylvia Wyatt, British, September 2003, Kaza and Tabo Retreats
    • Wonderful work in Kaza and Tabo enjoying day hikes & groups. Best of luck for the future.
  •  Mr. Anjan Sen, Kolkata; July 2003, Tabo and Kaza Retreats
    • It is an amazing place with wonderful crew both at Tabo and Kaza. Om Prakash and Rahul work round the clock to make everyone comfortable. Will recommend both these places to like-minded friends.
  •  Saiyu Travel Group from Japan, August 2003, Tabo Retreat
    • Good place and definitely a luxury in the desert. Good hospitality and pleasing staff. Keep it up.
  •  Rajesh Jha, New Delhi ; September 2003, Tabo Retreat
    • Tabo's compelling case for several return trips is strengthened by the warm hospitality of all the Banjara people. Thanks a million.
  •  Mr. Rajesh Jadhav, Kolkata, 2002, The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra
    • Banjara Camps' on-ground presence and a good understanding of long duration tours made the arduous 18 day trip as comfortable as it could possibly get. The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra - A personal account
  •  Meenal, New Delhi, 2002, The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra
    • Thank You Banjara for being a partner in this spiritual journey... It would not have been possible without the warmth diplayed by the crew at those cold heights and ofcourse without the warm food (especially garlic soup!)
  •  Dr Nandini and Kamal Limdi,
      Surat, Gujarat; September 2001, Tabo Camp
    • Adjectives simply do not do/would not do justice to the ambience of this place. But I will try: tranquil, fresh, exhilarating.if one wants to know/experience solitude, then this is the place.
  •  Prof. I.S. Maxwell,
      University of Bonn, Germany; September 2001, Shoja Retreat
    • Very well located retreat. Staff friendly and helpful. Food excellent.
  •  Ian Johnson, UK, August 2001, Shoja Retreat
    • What a wonderful place to come to! Wish there would be Banjara Camps all along our route, because it is better than most hotels we have stayed in.
  •  Marie - Rose Vanoherpene, Belgium, August 2001, Sangla Camp
    • I came here last year and wanted to be back. That I did and I am very happy. The scenery is still marvelous, the camp comfortable and the food delicious. Beautiful place to be remembered when I am back in Belgium. Thanks for the nice stay.
  •  Claus Muller, Marco Polo Group
      Germany, August 2001, Sangla Camp
    • We enjoyed this well organized camp. Especially the location is a superb choice. We would have loved to stay longer on the river near the fireplace and listen to the songs of nature. Thanks a lot. We will recommend this camp.
  •  Shyam Saran, Ambassador of India to Myanmar, July 2001, Sangla Camp
    • We have had a wonderful time in Sangla Valley. Thanks to Banjara Camp and the warm hospitality of Rajesh and Ajay. The service was excellent as was the food. We particularly enjoyed the evening bonfire. The best compliment we can pay is that we intend to return in none too distant future.
  •  Sunil R Chopra 022-6777981), Mumbai; June 2001, Shoja Retreat
    • Did not expect such a beautiful valley to us. The peaceful surroundings helped us to unwind in true sense of the word. Warm staff, good food and the surprise cake are highly appreciated. Would have loved to stay a few extra days.
  •  Sunayana Malik (011-6261667)
      New Delhi, June 2001, Shoja Retreat
    • Unexpectedly beautiful place - had a fantastic time. It truly lives up to the brochure written about it! The breathtaking views, bracing air, lovely valleys, blue iris and the superb hospitality helped us unwind. Thanks a ton.
  •  The Harris family, New Delhi; October 2000, Chail Camp
    • We had a great time - the view is amazing from the campsite and the starry nights exceptional. We all enjoyed the hikes in the mountains. Found your staff very helpful and the food good.
  •  Shikha and Kunal Oberoi, New Delhi; May 2000, Sangla Camp
    • After a wonderful experience exactly a year ago, we came again. It is even better the second time around.
  •  Rahul Kaloti (022-4303318;
      Mumbai, May 2000, Sangla Camp
    • An amazing mix of hospitality and adventure. Keep it going. And special thanks for the cake. A personal touch in the wilderness is really touching.
  •  Philips McDonogh
      Ambassador of Ireland to India, New Delhi, April 2000, Sangla Camp
    • Our friends and we have had a wonderfully relaxing time in the friendliest possible atmosphere. It is a special privilege to visit Sangla, Chitkul and other villages and feel so welcome. We intend to come again.
  •  Samit and Iona Sinha (011 - 6284005)
      New Delhi, June 1999, Chail Camp
    • This is our fourth year of association with Banjara Camps. What began as a wonderful and exciting vacation in Sangla Valley in September 1995 has blossomed into a fabulous friendship with those who run the camp.

      The Chail camp has the same relaxed, easygoing and warm sense of atmosphere. It is located as beautifully as one has come to expect from Banjara Camps.

  •  Darsha and Rajesh Kikani, Baroda, May 1999, Sangla Camp
    • Nature and peace is in abundance. Soft tracks, excellent food and hospitality. What more could one ask for in a holiday!
  •  Seemantini (
      Ahmedabad, Aug 1998, Sangla Camp
    • An idyllic spot. We shall remember with pleasure views of mist-clad peaks, breathtaking walks, bonfire conversations, delicious meals and hard fought games of scrabble. The collection of music and books was all we could have asked for. We thank Captain and Mrs. Sud and their team for the generous hospitality which made our stay here so memorable.
  •  Anja Gutzev & Andie Richter, Germany, Aug 1997, Tabo Camp
    • You can go in any direction and find a dream come true. It is a fantastic feeling as on the roof of the world. Beautifully situated camp, friendly people, good food.
  •  Family Huc, (, France, August 1997, Tabo Camp
    • This campsite is wonderful. The landscape is terrific. In the middle of nowhere - we found nice people and good food.
  •  Nicole and Volkar Loose
      German Embassy, New Delhi, May 1996, Sangla Camp
    • Although it is cold and rainy during night, we have enjoyed our stay in this nice camp. It is a pity that we can stay only two nights here. Hope to be back next year. The camp is very well located and very well organized.
  •  Vikramaditya and Chitrangada
      Raje of Kashmir, August 1995, Sangla Camp
    • Such a delight to see a beautifully laid out camp in such an exquisite location. We will try and make an annual visit to the camp.
  •  Deepti Naval, Bollywood, Mumbai, July 1995, Sangla Camp
    • Delightful place. Much above expectations. Great service and very very warm environment.